I represent sellers by creating an exclusive marketing campaign controlled by “moi” from beginning to end. I feel that when I have control of the marketing, then I can put my own unique stamp on it. This means that my listings will stand out from the competition and draw more qualified buyers who are attracted to your property.

How do I control the marketing? I started my own professional photography business in 2006 (while living in Ireland). I still do around 5 wedding photography commissions per year and am considered a high-end wedding photographer. As your Realtor, I aim to give you stunning, modern, inviting photography that is different from the usual photography employed in Northern Colorado (many agents here hire the same pros that provide the same look, or “shudder”…do it themselves). Creating a brochure with modern, beautiful photography is a game changer for sellers. They can attract more buyers and get the best offers in quicker. Your property isn’t left to languish on the market because your house looks similar to all of the other listings that are competing against it (something that might happen at the high-end of the market). I give the same style of modern photography to every seller, regardless of your listing’s price-point.

The photography is pretty high up there in importance, but I also do more. I have your property professionally cleaned before I photograph it. I know how busy my clients lives are and this is one less thing to worry about. I also have your property staged if needed so that it will be attractive to the widest range of buyers. Not all real estate agents are able to do this, but I will.

Please register on my agent site at for seller resources and to see what homes in your neighborhood are selling for.

Your listing will always be syndicated to sites for consumers such as,, and Your listing will be on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) which is where licensed real estate agents search for properties for the buyers they represent (I can also send out email blasts to the MLS subscribers to draw attention to your listing). We have weekly meetings at Sellstate where I can market your listing to other agents that have buyers, and I can also email it to area agents on our email groups and MLS. Your listing will reach the maximum amount of buyers.

One very big consideration for sellers is if your real estate agent is in fact a REALTOR. I am a realtor, a member of the local/state/national board of realtors and we are held to a higher standard of ethics than those who are not realtors. Be sure to ask the agent who wants to work with you that they are in fact, a realtor. More on the difference between a real estate agent and a realtor in this article.

I have so much more that I want to share with you as a seller. I can completely customize your listing so that you get the maximum value and a worry-free experience. I’d love to meet you to hear more about you and your home, please contact me today.