I love to help people buy a home in Colorado, whether it is first-time homebuyers, people relocating for a job (teachers are a favorite to help because my husband is a high-school history teacher), retirees, empty-nesters, people wishing to move up or downsize, or those moving here from out-of-state or country.

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At some point in the past 15 years, I have personally been a first-time home buyer, also relocating from another country (Ireland), and moving from a rental. I know what it feels like to be a buyer. My parents have retired to Colorado from another state and I know what their experience was like. I like to help my clients as a buyer’s agent because I want to help show you how to build equity for the future with your first home (often a mortgage is going to cost the same or less than rent). I also want to show you how you can tap into that equity if you have been living in the same house for more than five years and want to move up or downsize into a home that better meets your needs. And I want to help those coming from another country (like we did from Ireland) or from another state, to move to this beautiful part of Northern Colorado and not miss out on the home of their dreams. I will give you a tour of the area and interview you to find out where you would love to live.

There is a process for buyers in Colorado that I would love to share with you! Since everyone’s personal experience and needs are going to be different, it is best to meet in person. At this time I will present a customized Buyer’s Packet to you full of really insightful and important information. I will take notes and create a file for you so that we can tailor your home-search uniquely for you. This meeting and Buyer’s Packet are completely free to you! I will explain agency to you as well. Real estate agents in Colorado can work in several different ways for the buyer. You need to understand these types of agency fully so that you can choose what is best for you. I feel that buyers are really fortunate in Colorado to be represented by their own personal licensed real estate professional. In Ireland, only the seller is represented! There is no buyer’s agent. I can tell you my own personal story of buying there when we meet…it’s a good one! And a transaction broker is slightly different than a buyer’s or seller’s agent…now that is where the confusion can happen. What is a transaction broker and what is buyer’s or seller’s agent? More here. These are all terms you will see in the real estate industry in Colorado.

The buyer’s agent works hard for the buyer by finding and showing property, referring buyers to qualified lenders and helping to get the financing started, negotiating the contract and setting dates and deadlines for inspections and appraisals,  and bringing the process to closing. The buyer’s agent is 100% an advocate for the BUYER, always. I can chat to you more about this in our meeting, but for now, remember the buyer’s agent can be your personal advocate in the buying of your house and 95% of the time no fees are involved.

A buyer’s agency agreement requires a contract as it means that your agent will represent YOU exclusively. Without the signed buyer’s agency agreement, the default is transaction-broker (which needs no contract until the offer is ready). We’ve discovered that when we enter into a legal contractual relationship with a buyer, then the loyalties on both side are stronger, and our goals are reached much quicker and with less confusion.

Let me help get you started in the process of being a buyer. I will call or email you back as soon as I can so we can arrange a meeting (and I can present your Buyer’s Packet to you, and start showing you homes!). You wouldn’t go into a courtroom without an attorney, so don’t make the largest investment of your life without a professional real estate agent representing your interests.

*Please don’t talk to the selling agent directly thinking they are going to get you the house. They are working for the seller and have signed an agreement with the seller and have fiduciary responsibilities toward the seller. They are legally required to report everything you are saying to them and use it in the seller’s interests. An exclusive buyer’s agent works for YOUR interests only. *


Five Buyer Bloopers (from the National Association of Realtors PSA Course)
Buyers are prone to certain transgressions:
Believing AVMs (like Zillow) have the right value.
Listening to people who bought houses years ago—the market has changed.
Believing people who insist that every house is overpriced by X%.
Not listening to their agents when they explain sellers’ market conditions.
Not getting pre-approved prior to looking at properties, and then finding they can’t afford what they want; then expecting the seller to come down for them.