Colorado Water Law for Real Estate Brokers

So, coming from Pennsylvania via Ireland, I had a lot to learn about Western Water Law as it pertains to real estate transactions. We do not have Riparian Water Rights here which means if there is a stream on your property then you do not have the right to use water from it (you can do this in wetter states).

Western Water Law comes from the 1849 Gold Rush in California. The miners brought it to the Colorado Gold Rush in 1859. Our water law in Colorado is based on the Right of Prior Appropriation. The State owns the water but individuals and companies can be decreed water rights (the right to use it). 30629893_161364157866686_7997408467281248256_o

Wells, water shares, ditch companies, water court, aquifers, water basins, water districts, prior appropriation doctrine, trans-mountain diversions… Just passed my test and got my certificate in the continuing education course “Colorado Water Law for Real Estate Brokers”. #coloradowater#coloradorealestate #coloradorealtor

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